Benefits of using DynaLIFE rapid ECG interpretation services:

  • experienced panel of interpreters, all of which are medical doctors certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta in interpretation of electrogardiogram tracings
  • 24-hour routine turn-around-time (Monday — Friday)
  • NetCare access of interpretation text for ECG that are covered by provincial health care insurance plan
  • consolidated reporting of ECG results with laboratory results
  • return of tracing to the ordering physician or healthcare professional
  • peer review quality assurance program

Provincial Health Plan Insured Requests

Electrocardiogram tracings are interpreted by the DynaLIFE panel unless the ordering healthcare provider specifies both the name and location of a non-panel physician in the ECG read by line on the requisition.

A copy of the tracing will be given to the patient if the requisition states, 'Patient to return with ECG'. The usual interpretation process of the tracing will still proceed.

Patients without valid provincial healthcare insurance are required to pay for laboratory services.

Patients insured by Quebec healthcare are required to pay for laboratory services and then seek reimbursement from their provincial insurance plan.


For more information regarding insured requests, please contact the Specimen Processing Team

800-661-9876 ext 7100 toll free
780-451-3702 ext 7100 Edmonton area

Uninsured Requests

DynaLIFE rapid ECG intepretation services is available to clients when the test is not insured by provincial health plans.


For more information regarding uninsured requests, please contact the Clinical Support Team

800-661-9876 ext 8189 toll free
780-451-3702 ext 8189 Edmonton area