DynaLIFE is pleased to offer Laboratory Home Collection Service as a temporary solution for those patients who are medically housebound and physically unable to leave their residence for any appointment or activity. Laboratory home collections should not be requested for patients who can use DATS or other means of transportation. Our patient care centres are wheelchair accessible.

To ensure efficient use of resources, patients are required to meet specific eligibility requirements.

This assessment must be made by the physician.

Specimen Transportation

Homecare nurses within the area serviced by DynaLIFE home collections must call DynaLIFE home collections office at 780-453-9440 before collecting the specimens to arrange for transportation.


Please complete and fax the Requisition to 780-452-5294.


Download Requisitions


All test orders (both original and any changes) must originate from the primary care physician. 


Minimum requisition entry requirements 

General Requisition Completion Aid

For home collections, if applicable, please include name and telephone number of alternate contact on the requisition.

Tube guide for home care

Order of Draw — Blood specimens

Tests that cannot be collected using the Laboratory Home Collections Service 

Some tests cannot be collected in a home environment because special collection or processing equipment is required or specimens must be tested immediately due to limited specimen stability.