Laboratory Tests Not Covered by Alberta Health Care

There are a variety tests that are not covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. The patient must pay for the following tests before collection, even if the test was ordered by a physician or another authorized healthcare professional:

    • Bioavailable testosterone
    • Fertility assessment - Please follow instructions on the requisition or contact the Regional Fertility Centre at 780-735-5098 for further informaiton.

Situations When Testing is Uninsured

The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan does not cover tests that are performed in some situations, including those listed below. The patient must pay for the test before collection, unless the test is being paid for by a company that has set up an account previously with DynaLIFE.

    • attending camps
    • chelation therapy
    • emigration
    • employment
    • immigration
    • insurance
    • judicial
    • Ministry of Transport – motor vehicle licenses (except for persons over 74.5 years of age)
    • naturopathic laboratory testing
    • out of province confidential billing
    • participation in sports
    • passport and visa
    • collection services for paternity tests
    • patients with no valid provincial health care coverage
    • pilot’s licence
    • refugees
    • residents of Quebec (patients must pay for testing and seek reimbursement from their provincial plan)




Please contact the Clinical Support Team for further information on any one of these services

800-661-9876 toll free
780-451-3702 Edmonton area