Patient Care Centres


Please note: DynaLIFE requires all patients wear a provided mask while visiting any of our locations. Masking reduces respiratory illness transmission, and we remain committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our staff and patients.


DynaLIFE understands laboratory tests are important to your health and wellness. These tests assist your physician in diagnosing any medical conditions to help improve your health. With more than 25 patient care centres in and around the Edmonton region, DynaLIFE provides collection services to community patients, physicians and clinics.

Please bring 2 pieces of government issued identification with you each time you visit the laboratory. Please see our notice to patients for more details.

Ideally, one piece of identification will be your personal healthcare card and the other piece of identification will include a picture of you. For more information on this and other provincial safety initiatives, please see the AHS Safer Together brochure.

Almost all laboratory tests can be collected in DynaLIFE patient care centres, however, there are a few tests that require specialized equipment or training.


See the below information for other tests that are collected in selected DynaLIFE patient care centres:


Clinical trials

Paternity collections (buccal swabs)

Persistent high hematocrit

Pre-transfusion (crossmatch) collections


Laboratory screening for colorectal cancer is simpler than ever — a new test with easier collection instructions was introduced on November 18, 2013.


Find out more about colorectal cancer at Screening for Life

Patient instructions for the new test