DynaLIFE has over 60 community locations across the province to serve you.

DynaLIFE and APL are continuing to add thousands of new appointments for Albertans to help reduce the wait time to access this important health service across the Calgary Region.

Additional appointments as soon as this Saturday are available at South Health Campus, Peter Lougheed Centre, and Foothills Medical Centre and can be booked online at qme.dynalife.ca or by calling our appointment booking line at 1-877-702-4486.

What you need to bring with you when you visit us.

It is essential you bring two government-issued identification documents in order for us to make your collection. We recommend using your personal healthcare card and another identification piece, which includes your photo.

More information about presenting identification for services:

Provincial Registration Standards and Practices


DynaLIFE Patient Service Centre,
Westwinds Location, Calgary

DynaLIFE Patient Service Centre,
Thorncliffe Location, Calgary

DynaLIFE Patient Service Centre,
Windermere Location, Edmonton

See the below information for other tests that are collected in selected DynaLIFE patient care centres:


Clinical trials

Paternity collections (buccal swabs)

Persistent high hematocrit

Pre-transfusion (crossmatch) collections