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What is the difference between booking appointments with an Account or as a Guest? What if I forgot my password? What if I need to change a phone number or Email for my account?

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By creating your account, you have the ability to maintain a complete record of your past and upcoming appointments, as well as book appointments for family members. Additionally, an account will securely store your contact information and message preferences. To create an account, you will be prompted to provide an email address and generate a password.

Booking appointments as a “GUEST” only requires an email address and does not save any previous or future appointments, preferences, or contact information.

You can click on 'Forgot Password?' on the first screen and follow instructions. Dynalife cannot access or reset your password.

You can update your personal information anytime in the 'My Information' section of your account.

You may have used your own or incorrect contact information, or did not opt to recieve Email or SMS from Dynalife. You can update your family member's contact information or change Email and SMS preferences through your account.

Please ensure you are entering a valid email address. If there is an existing account with this email address, try using 'Forgot Password?'. If the problem persists, you can contact our appointment line at 1-877-702-4486.

Hours of Operations:

Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Saturday 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Favorite locations are automatically set where you book frequently or have booked in the past. These locations will appear at the top of the locations list on your screen and do not change search results when you look for a site. To remove or add a favorite click the heart shaped favorites icon next to the locations name.

Someone has accidentally entered your phone number when booking an appointment. You can click on the 'change or cancel appointment' link received in the text message then click 'I did not create this appointment' on the page. We do not cancel the appointment, we will simply remove the phone number used.

You have entered your phone number as your family member's contact number in your account. If you do not wish to receive confirmations for your family member, you can update their contact information in your account or they can create thier own account.

You can delete your account anytime on the My Account page. You will not be able to access your appointment history once an account is deleted. Dynalife cannot recover a deleted account.


If you are having technical problems please check your browser and internet services first. Most issues are related to local settings or browser versons. Supported browsers are current versions of Chrome, Edge, and Safari. You can also call our appointment line at 1-877-702-4486 to book an appointment.

Hours of Operations:

Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Saturday 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

The locations map will not show on a mobile device. Some desktop web browsers may also not support these features. Supported browsers are current versions of Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

Your appointment is still valid, however notifications will be sent to the contact information provided. If you require the notifications please call the appointment line at 1-877-702-4486 for help.

Hours of Operations:

Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Saturday 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Types of Testing

Most tests are booked as General and can be grouped together in one appointment. Your requistion will have boxes checked next to your test type. Exceptions would be Timed / Tolerance, and ECG tests. These are typically indicated on the form above the test type. If you are unsure please check with your physcician or book by phone for direct assistance

General testing typically includes blood or urine collection and is not time sensitive. General and ECG testing can be booked together as a single appointment under the EGC appointment type.

Tolerance testing involves multiple timed collections over 2-3 hours. There are several different types such as Glucose Tolerance, Lactose Tolerance and Xylose Tolerance. An appointment is required; please call the appointment line at 1-877-702-4486

Immigration testing includes blood and urine tests for your immigration medical.

An electrocardiogram (ECG) tests your hearts rhythm and electrical activity. Sensors are attached to the skin, no electricity is put into the body while the test is performed. The actual test takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

You can book ECG appointment by selecting an ECG appointment type. Only locations providing ECG's will show in the location search results. General and ECG testing can be booked together as a single appointment under the EGC appointment type.

Types of Appointments

SMP is not an appointment. SMP is the same as a walk-in arrival however it allows you to check-in remotely and wait off site. SMP is not available during the initial 90 minutes of a site's daily opening, one hour prior to the designated closing time, or in instances where the wait time surpasses 2 hours. You should time your arrival approximately 10 minutes before your estimated service time. You can book SMP online at or by calling our appointment line at 1-877-702-4486.

Patients can walk into most locations without an appointment and be served roughly in the order of arrival. Wait times will vary based on the number of patients currently checked in at that location. Upon arrival, please check-in at the front desk.

An appointment is a booked time slot at your chosen collection location. You should time your arrival approximately 10 minutes before your appointment starts. An appointment can be booked online at or by calling our appointment line at 1-877-702-4486

Simply follow the link in your confirmation Email or SMS to cancel or reschedule. You can also do this from your User Account. Guest bookings must use the link in the appointment confirmation SMS or email.

Cancelling will free up appointment slots for other patients and is greatly appreciated. Unwanted appointments can be easily cancelled by clicking the link sent in your confirmation message or by logging into your account. Accounts with large numbers of no-show appointments may be required to book via phone only.

General Questions

Estimated wait times are continually recalculated based on the volume of patients checked in at a given location. The reported service time per patient is multiplied by the total number of patients waiting to be served at that time.

Sudden increases in the volume of walk-in patients, special needs patients, priority or time sensitive testing can all dramatically change your actual wait time. Every effort is made to ensure the estimates are continually updated and as accurate as possible.

In most cases you do not require an appointment. You can simply walk-in or use Save My Place when available. Note, some select locations are by appointment only. Some specialized or time sensitve tests may also require an appointment. If you are unsure or have special needs please consult your physician or book through our appointment line at 1-877-702-4486

All Guest or Account booked appointments are sent both email and sms confirmations including the location, date/time, and a link to cancel or modify the booking. If you did not recieve either you may have entered an incorrect phone number or email, opted not to recieve communications from Dynalife, or need to check your spam / junk email.

Although you may walk in anytime, wait times tend to be shortest between 10 am and 12 pm or 1 pm and 3 pm. Walk-ins are not recommended first thing in the morning when the wait times can be high or just before close. Wait times are shown for all locations making it easier to select alternate sites with shorter wait times.

Supported browsers are current versions of Chrome, Edge, and Safari. Other browsers may work but may not display or function properly.

This is a security service intended to prove you are a person and not a robot attempting to block appointments. does not determine if it is a checkbox or set of pictures you are asked to select from. This service is provided by Google and is triggered by local settings and type of web-traffic from your device.

No, we cannot collect a specimen unless you give us a requisition completed by your healthcare provider.

Please bring your laboratory requisition (completed by your healthcare provider) and 2 pieces of government identification (such as your provincial healthcare card and your driver's license) — one with a picture.