Questions and Answers

Do I need to make an appointment and how do I make an appointment?

Appointments are recommended, but we still accept walk-in patients at all of our patient care centres. Appointments may reduce your wait time. You can make an appointment on-line via our appointment booking system. Or you can call our customer care centre to make an appointment by telephone at (780) 702-4486 or 1-877-702-4486. There are a few tests where you cannot make an appointment on-line and you should talk to one of our customer care representatives; these tests are listed on the front page of the appointment booking system.

What do I need to bring with me when I visit the laboratory?

Please bring your laboratory requisition - completed by your healthcare provider and 2 pieces of government identification (such as your provincial healthcare card and your driver's license) - one with a picture, if possible. For more information about identification when asking for healthcare services, please see our poster and the AHS safer together brochure.

Can I get a laboratory test without a requisition?

No, we cannot collect a specimen unless you give us a requisition completed by your healthcare provider.

Why am I asked to verify personal information when I visit the laboratory?

Gathering the correct information from you helps ensure accurate and complete reporting of your results to your doctor. Please bring your personal health care card and another piece of government issued identification when visiting the laboratory. You will also be asked to spell your first and last name and say your date of birth. Please see the AHS safer together brochure for more information.

How is my confidentiality guaranteed?

DynaLIFE takes your confidentiality very seriously. Learn more about our privacy commitment.

Why am I having these tests done?

We recommend that you speak with your doctor about the reasons why you are having a test. Reasons vary from patient to patient.

Do I have to fast before my blood is taken?

Some tests require that you fast for accurate results: Glucose, lipid and glucose tolerance tests are the most common. A random glucose test does not require fasting. For other tests, please follow your doctor's instructions or you can also see our test directory for instructions.

What does fasting mean?

Fasting means that you must not have anything, except water, to eat, drink or chew.  This includes coffee, juice, tea, alcohol, chewing gum or other candy or lozenge.  You may drink water, but not more than usual.  Please check with your doctor regarding any medications that you are taking, and do not discontinue these unless requested by your doctor to do so.

What should I do if I have a bruise, pain or bleeding at the puncture site after my blood collection?

Please see the after blood collection care instructions for more information. If bleeding, pain or other symptoms continue, please contact your doctor.

How can I make my child's blood test easier?

We would like to make your child's experience with us as pleasant as possible. Here are some ideas for preparing your child for his or her blood test:

  • Please do not tell your child that his or her blood test won't hurt. Explaining that there will be a small pinch, but that it will be over quickly, is an honest explanation that will not mislead your child.
  • If you are very anxious, your child will be very anxious. If you feel that you would rather not be in the room, please convey this to the laboratory staff.
  • We will explain the procedure to your child before the collection.
  • We will always draw the minimum amount of blood that will allow for all testing to be done.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please ask the laboratory staff.

How do I label a specimen I am bringing from home?

To meet provincial requirements, all specimens must be labeled with your full first and last name, personal health care number, date and time of collection. When you deliver the specimen to the laboratory, please wait until the laboratory staff have checked for all necessary information on both the requisition and the specimen before you leave.

How long before my doctor will have the results?

Many routine test results will be completed in the same day and will be available to your doctor on NetCare. Depending on the method of report delivery most results will be provided to your doctor's office within 1 week. Certain specialized testing may require a longer time for completion. Please call your doctor’s office to confirm if your laboratory results are available before you book your follow-up appointment.