Community and Social Responsibility

Many of the laboratory’s medical and technical staff participate in inspections and accreditations of other laboratories as part of their professional commitment to quality and high standards of performance.

Many DynaLIFE employees voluntarily serve on boards and committees of various professional associations and regulatory colleges.

DynaLIFE, as a company, and individual DynaLIFE employees actively support our communities. Some of the charities and not-for-profit organizations that we support include the Bissel Centre, Little Warriors, Youth Emergency Shelter (YESS), Tools for Schools, various food banks, cancer societies, and hospital foundations.

Besides fund raising events that include many employees (for example, Valentine's day bake off for YESS and 24h row-a-thon for Stollery Children's Hospital), individual employees use their paid community day to donate time and effort to a wide variety of worthwhile causes.


DynaLIFE recognizes the importance of protecting the environment. Current initiatives include recycling beverage containers through Empties to WINN, recycling paper products through Shred It's shred and recycle program, and recycling chemicals needed in laboratory work through in-house programs.


DynaLIFE was established in 1995 to serve patients, physicians, hospitals and pharmaceutical, government and industrial clients.

Today DynaLIFE works closely with Alberta Health Services in central and northern Alberta. It also provides testing and consulting services for the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and many other clients across Canada. Specialized testing services are offered for clinical trials and occupational health testing.

Services range from total operation of hospital and community services to management services, reference testing, and consulting services. We tailor our services to meet the needs of each community.

In the Edmonton area, DynaLIFE operates a central laboratory and more than 26 patient care centres.

DynaLIFE also works in partnership with Alberta Health Services in other locations within the province to deliver high quality and sustainable diagnostic services.