Histology - Critical Diagnosis


Physicians requiring critical diagnosis must directly contact a pathologist to have the request pre-approved.

  1. Telephone 780-451-3702 and ask to speak to the Anatomic Pathology (AP) pathologist on call.
  2.  If approved, write critical on the requisition.
  3. Transport the tissue to the laboratory as soon as possible.

Pathologist will notify the Anatomic Pathology department when a critical request is approved.

Critical requests that have not been pre-approved will be handled as a priority request and reported as soon as possible.


Cytology - Non-Gynecologic Specimens

See the Test Directory for information on the following tests:

Bronchial brush
Bronchial wash or bronchoalveolar labage (BAL)
Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF)
Cyst fluid
Fine needle aspirate
Serous fluid
Submucosal aspirate
Urine - voided or catheterized barbotage

Histology - Autopsies

Contact DynaLIFE Histology department with requests for autopsies and for information regarding cost and forms required, Monday to Friday (0800 – 1600 hours) at 1-800-661-9876 ext 8218 or 780-451-3702 ext 8218.

Do not transport the deceased until all forms are completed and autopsy has been approved.

DynaLIFE pathologists perform approved autopsies at the Royal Alexandra Hospital autopsy facility,

More information:

Adult autopsy

Autopsy, perinatal death

Histology - Test Directory Links

See the Test Directory for information on the following tests:

Autopsy - Adult
Autopsy - Perinatal death
Biopsy - Gastrointestinal (GI)
Biopsy - Liver (quantitative iron or copper)
Biopsy - Skin (immunofluorescence studies)
Cytogenetic testing
Electron microscopy studies
Lymphoma studies (surface markers)
Renal calculi -Chemical analysis
Routine surgical and biopsy specimens